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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
May 9, 2017

“’Mom’ – a title just above ‘Queen.’” – Anonymous

Gifts as Unique as Your Mom

Sure, her favorite gift of all time is probably the hand-painted masterpiece you gave her as a child, which she surely has tucked away in a special place where all moms keep such treasures. But, seeing as you’re not five years old anymore, take the opportunity this Mother’s Day to show her you appreciate her for the unique, wonderful mom that she is with a gift of something that she will love from the grown-up you.

Here is a collection of Mother’s Day gifts for moms that we know and love. See your mom in here?

Glam Mom

Side note: This gift also works well for any “glam-mas” you may have in your life, too!

You love her jewelry, but did you know that Kendra also makes beautiful works of art for your home? At Kendra Scott , you can find a collection of green agate items, like this captivating frame or lovely accent tray. Green agate is a stone that even the ancient Egyptians used for their prized objects (can’t you just see Cleopatra with some of this?) and it’s a stone known for symbolizing compassion, generosity.  All of these items are a part of Kendra Scott’s new summer collection and are available here at Southlake Town Square.


Busy Mom

Her daily schedule looks like something that should be run by air traffic control. Instead, mom does it all herself! For that busy mom in your life, how about some beautiful teapots and mugs from Williams Sonoma that show her you care while she is getting her caffeine on in the morning? These hand-painted teapots from MacKenzie-Childs, a New York-based company, have a loyal following because of their fanciful shapes, colors and patterns. Pair them with a special Mother’s Day Blend Tea, and you have a gift that keeps her fueled up and ready to jet off.  Because Moms. Need. Caffeine.


Zen Mom

Instead of “Mom,” are you tempted to call her “Ommm”? For the mom that gets her zen on, give her a gift that speaks to her need for relaxation and inner clarity. At Whole Earth Provisions at Southlake Town Square, find everything she will need to keep her life in balance. Yoga mats from Prana, yoga socks, towels, and more.  Help her quench her post-workout thirst with the LifeFactor glass bottle – it not only prevents mold build-up; it also can be dropped from three feet high without breaking (just like your mom: in balance and unbreakable, right?).

Maybe this gift could be coupled with some time to herself?? Just throwing that out there….


Sentimental Mom

Oh, you know this one: She remembers everyone’s birthdays (including the birthday of her lady at the dry cleaners), she cries at sappy commercials, she cries when she’s happy, and she’s the first one to offer a hug when you’re sad. Above everything else, her greatest treasures are her children. For that sentimental mom, why not consider a gift that wraps her in all the feels?

At Southlake Town Square, find Sundance, where you can get gifts made from the hands of American craftspeople. A set of quotes, 50 different inspiring ones printed on handmade paper and bound together by a brass cuff that reads “Angels couldn’t be everywhere so they sent us moms” is sure to be a hit with mom.  Did she sing “You Are My Sunshine” to you as a kid? Bring back the nostalgia with a pillow with the words to the song on it for her home. We suggest pairing this with a handwritten note to mom for a gift that is sure to wow her!


New Mom

What’s the best way to welcome a new mom to the Mom Squad?  Because her freezer is probably filled to the brim with casseroles, check out Francesca’s line of unique gifts that’ll make her smile.  Switch out the sweat pants for cute #MomLife gear so she can celebrate mommyhood in style.  While all new moms would love the gift of a nap, it’s not something you can tie a bow around.  Instead, give her a book of New Mom Vouchers complete with “Watch the Baby While I Nap” and “Write my Thank You Notes” coupons.  She’ll thank you one day when she’s not so sleepy!   And for the Mom-To-Be, help her stay hydrated with a decorative “Mom to Be” tumbler.   So what if she fills it with coffee after the baby is born?  No judgement.


For a more up-close look at these fabulous gifts, be sure to watch our recent Mother’s Day segment from Fox 4 Good Day featuring lifestyle blogger, Tanya Foster.


Our advice for Mother’s Day is to think about how lucky you are to have a mom who is so unique, one that was made just for you.  Select a gift that shows her you appreciate how special she is.  And, to moms everywhere: We appreciate you, we adore you, and we hope your day is a beautiful one. See you in the Square!

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